29 May 2018

10:00 p.m. - I am earning these days through my writing. I have invited a lady who is an admirer of my writing, wants to meet me at Foyot's. I know it is an expensive restaurant but I know that the luncheon will not cost more than 15 francs. I hope that I shall manage it just cutting coffee for 2 weeks. Definitely, I have money. If I make budget properly. The luncheon will be modest. If I shall have to spend some little less for luncheon. I hope to have nice time with her.


Dear Diary

Today I am feeling happy and satisfied on observing the woman who had caused me a lot of trouble twenty years back.

She has become extremely fat and weighs 21 stones. In those days when I was a struggling writer, she had written to me and asked me to give her a lunch at an expensive restaurant.

I was flattered and agreed for the lunch even though I could not afford it. She was impressive and talkative. She said that she ate only one thing for lunch but her behavior and actions were contrary.

She ordered very expensive dishes, some of them were not even listed on the menu. I was worried about how I would pay the bill.

After paying the bill and the insufficient tip to the waiter, I had nothing left for the rest of the month.
I was saved from the embarrassing situation but had to live in a miserable condition. Looking at the woman today, I am glad that I got my revenge.


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